Ride Terms & Conditions

Welcome to SuperJet Boating KOS Island! The only Turbo-Charged, Twin-Engine, 700Hp Jet-Boat ride in Europe!
SuperJet Boating is a thrilling fun-ride where you’ll experience; High-Speed Fishtails, the awesome 180⁰ SPIN&DIP, 360⁰ Pivot & Reverse Thrust, Power-Brake Stops, full-speed Passes and even some Wave Jumping!
Whilst SuperJet-Boating is generally very safe, there are always some risks involved with Maritime and this type of activity. It is important you understand and are comfortable with the Terms & Conditions prior to booking your seat and/or boarding the SuperJet-Boat.
Please read the Terms & Conditions and let our friendly staff know if you have any concerns or questions.


The Basic Conditions are... 

  • Don't turn up intoxicated, we won't let you on.

  • Arrive 15 min. before your scheduled booking time.

  • We don't wish to discriminate but if  you're 'vertically
    challenged' (under 130cm), unfortunately you can't ride.

  • Be prepared  for a little bump & niggle, this is not a cruise trip;
    We don't call it extreme for nothing!

  • We're going to try very hard to get you wet,
    so make sure you dress accordingly - leave the 3-piece suit at home!

  • Bring a good attitude but you won't necessarily need to bring a smile.
    We'll make  sure we give you one before you leave!


click here to read the full terms and conditions pdf file